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Our Services

Computer Re-Use & Recycling Services

as of 1st April 2016
  • ICT Collection Services
  • ICT Waste Disposal Service
  • Confidential Data Wiping Service
  • Asset Management Scheme
  • Employee Buy-Back Scheme

Community Redistribution Scheme, CSCS Trained.

ICT Services

as of 1st April 2016
  • PC, Computer and Apple Repairs.
  • New & Custom built PC's.
  • Refurbished PC's & Laptops.
  • Laptop / Netbook Repairs & Sales.
  • Laptop Screen, Keyboard and Hinge Replacements.
  • Software & Hardware installations & upgrades.
  • Virus, Malware and Trojan Removal.
  • Anti-Virus Advice and Solutions.
  • Laptop and PC Health Checks.
  • Online Security and Parental Controls.
  • Network, Support & Server Services.
  • Data Recovery and Back Up Solutions.
  • Email, Internet and Connection Solutions.
  • Web Design, Hosting and Email Client Services.


as of 1st April 2016




NSA Afan PCCARE. is local community regeneration Charity ICT Project, we provide non-Accredited and Business IT Training, Specialist support and repair services. We are also a Computer Refurbishment and Recycling organisation that provides licensed IT Collection and Disposal Services to Local Authorities, Government Bodies, Educational Establishments, Private Companies and the Public throughout South West Wales.    

As a Social Enterprise, the project also undertakes Digital and Social Inclusion Programmes designed specifically to promote digital and social inclusion throughout South Wales’ most deprived communities. All of this is carried out through the vehicle of Computer Recycling, Refurbishment and Up-Cycling.

NSA PCCARE operates a socially responsible business policy using our business as a force for social change. Our guiding business principles are founded on transparency, sustainability and responsibility. We adhere to a stringent environmental policy to facilitate the protection of our environment and the environment of developing countries. We also act as a source of information on e-waste duty of care and toxic trade in e-waste in the UK providing advice and information to Private, Public and Government Bodies.

NSA AFAN is an Investors in People Gold Organisation.

Our Credentials

NSA PCCARE. Is a fully licensed computer recycling facility ensuring that our clients and we satisfy all applicable legal obligations. CLICK HERE for details of our relevent permits.


Our services generate the income to supplement NSA Afan's Sustainable Regeneration Charity’s goals and objectives. Our assets (including all profits) are devoted to the benefit of the community.

About Your Team

  • Project Manager - Layton Emery

    I have worked for NSA since 2002 and was responsible for the creation of NSA Afan PCCARE back in 2006, over the past 10 years the project has expanded into a fully sustainable ICT Social Enterprise of NSA Afan, providing support, advice, training and the reuse of otherwise reduntant IT Equipment.
  • Senior IT Technician - Charlie Wise

    I am the senior IT Technician for PCCARE, my role includes maintaining the computer systems for NSA Afan, providing support for the Get IT On centres, Community and Business support, whilst providing mentoring to work placements and Volunteers.
  • IT Technician - Chris Wyatt

    I am a IT Technician for PCCARE, my role includes maintaining the computer systems for NSA Afan, providing support for Community members, 3rd Sector Organisations and Businesses, I also help run the Reuse / Recycling Scheme which helps people to access affordable computers within the community.